2024 Awards of Distinction


Red (R)

Green (N)

Blue (B)

Fuchsia (F)

Gold (G)

Silver (S)

Vanguard Cup Set

AT22CPVA501X 12½” AT22CPVA502X 14½” $21.95 Replace X with R for Red, N for Green, B for Blue, F for Fuchsia, G for Gold, S for Silver or K for Black $19.95

Black (K)

Black (K)


Mango Cup, Gold AT22CPMN001G 83/8” $11.95

Mango Cup, Silver AT22CPMN002S 83/8” $11.95

Mango Cup, Bronze AT22CPMN003Z 83/8” $11.95

Decorating is for display purposes only and is not included in the price. Heights are approximate and will vary depending on your choice of figure.

Mango cups will accept an optional 1” insert which is not included in the price. See page 78 for mylar inserts. All figures are interchangeable. Please specify when ordering.

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