2024 Awards of Distinction


Maple Executive GI00204MA Ball Point Pen $7.95 GI00205MA Pencil $8.95

Rosewood Executive GI00201RW Letter Opener $10.95 GI00204RW Ball Point Pen $7.95 GI00205RW Pencil $8.95

Rosewood Deluxe GI00208RW Ball Point Pen $6.95

Rosewood & Maple Executive GI00204RWMA Ball Point Pen $8.95 GI00205RWMA Pencil $9.95

Rosewood Pen Set AT22GIPENRW1 Single Cavity $22.95

Rosewood & Maple Pen Set AT22GIPENRM1 Single Cavity $22.95

Maple Pen Set AT22GIPENMA1 Single Cavity $22.95


Rosewood Pen & Pencil Set AT22GIPENRW2 Double Cavity $31.95

Rosewood & Maple Pen & Pencil Set AT22GIPENRM2 Double Cavity $31.95

Maple Pen & Pencil Set AT22GIPENMA2 Double Cavity $31.95

Decorating is for illustration purposes only and is not included in the price.

Single cavity boxes come complete with a pen. Double cavity boxes come complete with a pen and pencil.

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