2024 Awards of Distinction

Decorating is for illustration purposes only and is not included in the price.

Sport clip-in is also available in 10 pin bowling.


Shooting Star Basketball AT22HR16070G 10” $12.95

Shooting Star Hockey AT22HR15072G 10” $12.95

Shooting Star Baseball AT22HR21069G 10” $12.95

Shooting Star Football or 2” Holder AT22HR28071G 10” $12.95

Shooting Star Soccer AT22HR20073G 10” $12.95

Virago, Knowledge AT22FG55089G 7¼” $10.95

Virago, Music AT22FG40090G 7¼” $10.95

Virago, Religion AT22FG97091G 7¼” $10.95


Diamond Star Riser AT22RI16092G Riser 11¾” $15.95

Diamond Star Figure, Gold AT22FG77093G Figure 6¾” $11.95

Diamond Star Figure, Silver AT22FG77093S Figure 6¾” $11.95

Accommodates a 3”x 3” plate.

Accommodates a 3”x 3” plate.

Accommodates a 3”x 3” plate.

All figures, mylars or inserts are interchangeable. Please specify figure, mylar or insert choice when ordering. Heights are approximate and will vary depending on your choice of figure.

Price includes your choice of 2” insert. See page 78 for mylar inserts. Please specify when ordering. Riser trophy requires a figure (included in price). Figure trophy does not accept an additional figure.

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