2023 Engravers Depot - Gravotech ver 5.0.2




Engravers Slatz dealer kit 36319 Engraved multi-column, standard and multi-directories, plus wallplates featuring our newest sign materials. Kit also includes two Velcro boards for display.

Engravers Slatz sign introductory kit 35485 Includes standard silver directory, one each gold and silver mini-directory, deskbar, wallplate and deskplate.

Recommendations . 1/32” or 1/16” inserts . Inserts should not be thicker than 1/16”

Components We chose the sizes most often specified by architects and facility managers. All directories can be rearranged to accommodate multiple insert formats. Simply arrange insert plates to accommodate your specified format.

All directions and signs feature molded plastic multi-clips inserted into their tracks. Backplates and trimplates then snap-fit onto the multi-clip ensuring accurate spacing, design flexibility and tamper-resistance.

Removal key

End caps

Insert plate

Individual insert plates of the directory may be removed from the front of a sign or directory without disturbing an entire group of insert plates. 34870

Used for wallplate and deskbar, the black cap snap-fits into the back of the backplate, covering the exposed edges and concealing the preformed mounting hole. 49008

Extruded aluminum which snap-fits into multi-clip system.


Silver 34869 34874

34942 34850



Trackcaps 34871 Black mounted plastic caps that push into top and bottom of sidetracks.

Note: Do you need a specific size? We can customize a sign to any size that fits your needs!


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