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08 Custom fabrication services

Save time and money by using our wide range of fabrication services which will meet your most demanding needs.


Custom fabricated shapes made to your specifications. Shape and size on demand (rectangle, circular, oval, strips, special shapes).

Signs with concave corners

Circular blanks


Oval blanks



Bevelling is the cutting of an attractive angular edge to create a border. Our standard bevel is at 45° angle.

Drilling holes

To accommodate your mounting needs in plastic and metal. Holes are positioned according to your specifications. When measuring holes, follow the illustrated example below.





1. From the center of one hole to the center of the other hole. 2. From the center of the hole to the top edge of the material. 3. From the center of the hole to the side edge of the material. 4. Diameter of any counter-sunk holes to be drilled (for mounting materials and wall holders with flat head screws).

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