2023 Engravers Depot - Gravotech ver 5.0.2

Metallic Material Laser / Rotary




• One product with two finishes • Aluminum caps with a black phenolic core • No paint filling required


UV Print



Matte / Matte Surface / Core Colour / Surface

Brushed / Matte Surface / Core Colour / Surface

18471 (1/16”)*

18472 (1/16”)* 18482 (1/8”)*

Matte Silver / Black Matte Silver

Brushed Gold / Black Matte Silver

* Double Sided, 3 Ply

APPLICATIONS Professional interior signage, award plates, identification plates, signage...



Matte or Brushed Aluminum / Phenolic, 3-ply


Engraving Depth


Full Sheet Half Sheet

23” x 48”

23” x 24” (add -H) 23” x 12” (add -Q)

Quarter Sheet Other Size(s)



Interior Exterior Shear

- -


■ ■

Screen Print Hot Stamp Heat bending Scratch resistant Break resistant UV resistant Flexible

- -



Min. temp. Max. temp.

-40°C (-40°F) 80°C (176°F)

This material offers the advantages of aluminum without the inconveniences. Its aluminum surface on both sides and phenolic core save time and money by avoiding paint filling. TECH TIPS

Call 1.800.387.3130 or visit www.engraversdepot.ca

Please Note: Sheet stock is supplied in full sheet sizes of 23”x 48”. When ordering, use the individual part number located on the individual swatches above to receive a full sheet size. To order a half sheet - 23”x 24” add “-H” after the individual part number, and to order a quarter sheet - 23”x 12” add “-Q” after the individual part number. Printed colours are for indication only and should not be used as a real material sample.

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